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Awards 2022

The Gavriella Schuster IAMCP D&I Partner of the Year Awards

The IAMCP D&I Committee established an awards program to honour the tremendous work that Gavriella Schuster, former Corporate V.P., One Commercial Partner at Microsoft, has done in the promotion of workplace equity for all.

The 2022 Winners

winner smb award

Critical actions were taken to reduce gender disparities within the Cloud 9 workplace by implementing a Diversity & Inclusion Program.

This program required the leadership team to become active listeners, vigilant on setting examples for their employees, able to identify potential pitfalls within the Inclusion strategy, and able to process and implement changes. Leaders communicated with employees the impact of their opinions and actions upon the organization’s success. The company attributes its success to its small size as it can gather information and implement decisions quickly.

Lani’s D&I Fireside Chat with Sonal Malavia, President of Cloud9 Infosystems

winner enterprise award

Vena has Employee Resource Groups which are employee-led, focused on fostering diversity and inclusion, and are aligned with the organizational mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives.

The company’s groups currently include Network for Women, Va11y (accessibility ERG), and Black Employee ERG, Spectrum (2SLGBTQIA+ ERG), and a Mental Health Committee. Vena is committed to making a difference in society – to ensure equal rights and opportunities for everyone – by partnering with communities and supporting organizations, charities and companies with powerful social impact initiatives. The company’s DEI policies and efforts aim to create the space and freedom for employees to be themselves and to celebrate and value everyone’s differences.

Lani's D&I Fireside Chat with Susan Tommy, Director of Strategic Partnerships, and Shada McShannon, Director of People, Partners & DEI, Vena Solutions

winner smb award

As an organization, Power Centre has always believed in work-life balance and encouraged flexibility and remote work options, even before the pandemic made it the norm, with a primary focus on getting the job done on time.

The company recognises that this flexibility facilitated the hiring of excellent women who have contributed greatly to and are very dedicated to the organization because of their ability to balance work and home responsibilities. Power Centre’s employees are of all religions, and festivals are celebrated in the office to honour what is important to each team member.

Lani’s D&I Fireside Chat with Vinita Sidhartha, Director, Power Centre

winner enterprise award

From recognizing and encouraging contributions from everyone regardless of their gender and/or sexual orientation to implementing the necessary practices to facilitate the same, Intech is taking solid steps to work on the gender divide.

The percentage of women leaders at Intech has been consistently increasing over the last two years and the company has witnessed substantial year-on-year growth, with a more than 100 percent increase in the number of women and an 85 percent organizational growth in the FY 2021-22. The past year has been a landmark for women leaders at Intech, with many taking on senior management roles, which the company sees as only the beginning of better things to come. Plus, as Intech continues to expand globally, more and more people from different religions, ethnicities, and cultures are joining the team.

Lani’s D&I Fireside Chat with Anuja Parikh, CEO, Intech Systems

winner smb award

Cloud 9 Insight focuses on attracting talent from the widest pool possible, ensuring that opportunities exist at the company regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, physical or learning disability, or disorder.

Today, 41% of the company’s 40 employees are female, as well as half the management team. The company has a growing interest in developing young and diverse talent and founded the Vantage Academy in 2019, a government-approved apprenticeship provider and Microsoft Learning Partner created to support early-in-career and young people with digital skills and mentoring. The company is also building Cloud9 Connect, a new platform for digital learning and job creation that will find new sources of digital talent from among groups who employers traditionally overlook, including educationally or economically under-privileged groups, young women and neurodivergent individuals. As a result of all this activity, potential employees, clients and partners of Cloud9 Insight can tell immediately that Diversity & Inclusion is at the core not only of the company’s brand – but also of its purpose.

Lani’s D&I Fireside Chat with Carlene Jackson, CEO, Cloud9 Insight

winner enterprise award

The leadership at Revolent has clear and comprehensive policies on anti-discrimination, flexible working and parental leave.

The company also focuses on ways to support its ever-growing workforce and is proud that 50% of its management team is female, and 30% of its workforce overall. Over 60% of ‘Revols’ identify as belonging to an ethnic minority, and over 35% are the first in their family to attend higher education. Revolent works to ensure that its talent attraction processes are inclusive and accessible to applicants from underrepresented backgrounds. This includes reviewing where adverts appear, ensuring that the language in those adverts is gender neutral, and that the interview processes are clear. All staff receive training on unconscious bias and speakers are invited from outside organisations to upskill all teams in areas such as best practices for hiring people with neurodiversity.

Lani’s D&I Fireside Chat with Trey Roldan, Chief Commercial Officer, Revolent

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