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The Gavriella Schuster IAMCP D&I Partner of the Year Awards

The IAMCP D&I Committee established an awards program to honour the tremendous work that Gavriella Schuster, former Corporate V.P., One Commercial Partner at Microsoft, has done in the promotion of workplace equity for all.

Congratulations to the 2024 Gavriella Schuster IAMCP D&I Partner of the Year Awards winners!

The Winners

winner smb award

WMI is all in on diversity and inclusion, boasting a workforce where over 70% are from minority groups and a whopping 78% are women, including the majority in leadership roles.

This minority-owned business isn't just talking the talk; their nearly 100% remote work policy broadens their talent pool. With a global team from diverse cultures and professions, WMI champions innovation and a sense of belonging. Plus, 65% of their partners are minority-owned, too, amplifying their DE&I impact beyond their walls.

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From gender-neutral hiring to supporting diverse family structures with inclusive parental leave, OfficePro is all about equality.

They're tackling racial and ethnic diversity head-on with blind resume screenings and vibrant employee resource groups. Their respect for religious practices and commitment to disability support make the workplace welcoming for all. Plus, with a nod to age diversity through mentorship programs, OfficePro's culture is rich with innovation and collaboration, making it a magnet for top talent.

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Elevating 25% of its female workforce to senior positions in just two years, Intech Systems has become a testament to an inclusive environment where women are empowered to ascend to leadership roles.

This dedication is underscored by women representing over 30% of the recent Rewards & Recognition recipients, showcasing their vital contributions across all sectors. With initiatives like targeted training, a supportive buddy system, and flexible working arrangements, Intech Systems champions diversity, empowerment, and professional growth.

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With its 120-strong global team, DynamicsSmartz celebrates a diversity rate of 34.5%, reflecting its deep commitment to inclusion.

Their approach includes holistic recruitment strategies that target underrepresented groups and initiatives that promote gender diversity. While supporting women through child education funds and ensuring workplace accessibility, DynamicsSmartz's social initiatives support underrepresented entrepreneurs and the visually impaired community.

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Rencore stands out with a remarkable 51% women to 49% men ratio, showcasing their commitment to gender diversity in the tech world.

Beyond gender, Rencore's team spans 17 nationalities across ten countries, embodying true cultural and ethnic diversity. Flexible work arrangements and targeted support for women in tech highlight their inclusive ethos. Rencore's dedication to DEI extends to creating an environment welcoming individuals with disabilities and neurodiversity and accommodating their needs through workspace design.

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Mint Group is pushing female representation by over 40% and has clinched three awards at the Standard Bank Top Women Awards.

But they're not just about gender; Mint's tackling barriers across the board—from empowering employees with disabilities to fighting ageism and boosting racial diversity. Their Sekolo sa Dinaledi Trust is a game-changer in underprivileged areas, and the Mint Apprenticeship Programme is a golden ticket for diverse talents into tech.

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LGIT Smart Solutions thrives on diversity. With a team that spans 26 to 76 years old, age is just a number in their vibrant workspace.

With 10% of their staff navigating physical disabilities, they embody teamwork and mutual respect. For 24 years, LGIT Smart Solutions has been the only woman-owned Microsoft training center in South Africa, and 90% of its workforce is women. LGIT's diverse team is proud of its rich tapestry of religions and ethnicities.

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HTG is all about championing diversity and inclusion, reflected in their impressive stats: 33% of directors and 27% of the team are women, with a flexible working model embraced by 72% of the team.

This approach not only supports 39% of employees in balancing parenting duties but also enhances overall well-being and keeps their retention rate at 93%. HTG doesn't just stick to the script; they offer enhanced caregiver leave, fertility support, and even extra holidays to bridge the school holiday gap.

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DEV IT champions diversity by recruiting from underrepresented groups, including those with disabilities and retirees.

Emphasizing core values like humility and accountability, they ensure a vibrant, inclusive culture from the top down. With initiatives like diversity training and the "Refresh" program to support women's return to work, along with aid for low-income employees, DEV IT sets a benchmark in innovation and community engagement, making every team member feel valued.

Gavriella’s Fireside Chats with the 2023 IAMCP D&I Champions

Listen to Gavriella Schuster and the 2023 IAMCP D&I winners sharing their inspiring stories of diversity and inclusion.

2023 D&I Winners

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