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Sexual Orientation

Experience first-hand accounts from members of the LGBTQ+ community on how it feels to have a different sexual orientation in the workplace and beyond. Understand how to help your team move past awkwardness to embrace other team members, their skills and their perspectives, regardless of their orientation.


Diversity & Inclusion around the world

LGBTQ+ voices: Speaking out and looking ahead.

McKinsey article.

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How companies can make meaningful progress for LGBTQ+ employees.

McKinsey article.

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LGBTQ+ voices: Learning from lived experiences.

McKinsey article.

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How the LGBTQ+ community fares in the workplace

McKinsey article.

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IAMCP Americas Pride 2020, A Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging awareness event

IAMCP Americas Board Meeting Presentation, Christopher Cost, Americas D&I Lead.

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Unapologetically me

Session 4th June 2021 – Christopher Cost, IAMCP Americas D&I Lead, joins Lani in this open and intimate conversation.

They get deep into LGBT realities and break down walls of confusion around authenticity and why it isn’t easy for the LGBTQ+ (or anyone) and how we can combat this

A discovery in perspective with Sheila Volante (May 2022)

As countries, cities, organisations and individuals across the globe celebrate Pride Month (June 1-30 2022), Elena Baeva, IAMCP EMEA President and Global Diversity & Inclusion Lead, spoke with Sheila Volante, MBA, Managing Partner at Seer Strategic Solutions, LLC. Sheila, an IAMCP member and active member of the LBGTQ Community, shared her perspective on the challenges she has faced throughout her career not only as a gay woman, but also a Black woman.

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