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Awards 2023

The Gavriella Schuster IAMCP D&I Partner of the Year Awards

The IAMCP D&I Committee established an awards program to honour the tremendous work that Gavriella Schuster, former Corporate V.P., One Commercial Partner at Microsoft, has done in the promotion of workplace equity for all.

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February 19, 2024

Judging period:

February 20, 2024 to March 15, 2024


Mid-March 2024

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Congratulations to the 2023 Gavriella Schuster IAMCP D&I Partner of the Year Awards winners!

The Winners

Winner Enterprise Award

Telia's leadership is committed to ensuring that everyone is encouraged and enabled to be their best, most brilliant, and authentic selves. By the end of 2025, Telia plans to achieve a 50/50 gender balance in the Extended Leadership team.

Currently, they are at 41%. Telia is also proud of its many internships, mentorship and sponsorship DE&I programs for women, refugees and immigrants, and a unique in-house 'neurodiversity hub'. While providing connectivity to its customers, Telia also aims to inspire a connection between all its diverse employees.

Gavriella’s D&I Fireside Chat with Kaveri Sinhji, Telia

Winner SMB Award

Having two members of their leadership team with ADHD, ResourceiT dispels the myth that one must be 'perfect' to lead a business. As a marketing agency, they use their influence and expertise to promote DE&I initiatives in the public domain.

The same tactic is encouraged internally, so ResourceiT ensures all employees have a voice, share ideas, celebrate wins, and help each other thrive. They have also co-founded associations like TC4RE (Technology Community for Racial Equality) and The WIT Network.

Gavriella’s D&I Fireside Chat with Tory Simpson, ResourceiT

Winner Enterprise Award

With a 400% increase in female employees over the last three years, Intech Systems is a shiny example of a company that actively works on closing the gender gap. They are particularly proud of the support provided for working mums:

from flexible working models to maternity leaves and assistance in the transition to office life. However, their passion for DE&I goes beyond gender. It welcomes employees with different backgrounds to bring fresh perspectives into the business. Intech System aims to create diverse teams, collecting people who will be 'Cultural-Adds', not 'Cultural-Fits.'

Gavriella’s D&I Fireside Chat with Anuja Parikh, Intech Systems

Winner SMB Award

Not many companies can proudly say that their talent retention rate goes above 98%, but SOCO surely can. Its employees are delighted with the diverse company culture based on equity, empathy, listening, and celebrating individual differences.

The most significant results are achieved in their gender ratio, which jumped from 18 to 34% over the past few years. The goal is to have a ratio of 40% female, 40% male, and 20% of others, working in a supportive environment that embraces diversity and inspires social connections between employees.

Gavriella’s D&I Fireside Chat with Natasha Reynolds, SOCO

winner smb award

When was the last time you had coffee with your CEO? At WCA Technologies, employees have that chance every week. With this specific leadership style, the company's President, Peter Fidler, designed a new way of communication and cohesion within his team.

He's been known for hiring people from all walks of life long before D&I was a widely spread practice. Today, WCA has a 30% female-identifying team, with employees coming from 11 different countries and speaking eight languages.

Gavriella’s D&I Fireside Chat with Peter Fidler, WCA Technologies

Winner SMB Award

By nurturing servant leadership committed to setting its people for professional success, Stratify Digital developed an empowered workforce. Not only do they understand the company's why, they openly communicate challenges and develop solutions in a true team spirit.

Stratify Digital is also an active community contributor. By combining eSports and mentorship, they build opportunities for students, children, underprivileged individuals, and people with disabilities.

Gavriella’s D&I Fireside Chat with Jason Bergeron, Stratify Digital

Lani’s Fireside Chat with the 2022 IAMCP D&I Champions

Listen to Sherlaender Phillips (Lani), Vice President, Microsoft US Channel Sales, and the 2022 IAMCP D&I winners sharing their successful programs.

2022 D&I Winners

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