The Number of IAMCP Members Building Inclusive Company Cultures Is Growing

The IAMCP selected six new winners of The 2023 Gavriella Schuster IAMCP D&I Partner of the Year Awards

The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) and its Diversity and Inclusion Committee announced the new winners of the 2023 Gavriella Schuster IAMCP D&I Partner of the Year Awards. Sincere congratulations to:

ResourceiT – EMEA SMB Winner

Telia – EMEA Enterprise Winner


Intech Systems – APAC Enterprise Winner

WCA Technologies  – Americas SMB Winner

Stratify Digital, LLC – Americas SMB Winner

This awards program recognises those Microsoft Partners and IAMCP members that build diverse company cultures rooted in equity, inclusion, and tolerance. As one of the biggest D&I ambassadors in the Microsoft ecosystem, Gavriella Schuster helped choose the winning six companies among 40 applications received from three IAMCP regions (EMEA, APAC, Americas) and competing in two business categories (SMB and Enterprise).


“I was thrilled to read partners’ applications and see the amazing work that they are doing to create a culture of inclusion both in their organisations and within ecosystems. I look forward to our upcoming fireside chats to talk about the great work they are driving.” Said Gavriella Schuster, former C-Level Microsoft Executive and a global thought leader in DEI and inclusive leadership.


The strong DEI cultures that the winners showcased provide guidance and serve as examples for the many members of the Microsoft community on a path to creating more inclusive company cultures. Learn more about their championing stories here.


“More and more companies realise the super-power of embracing diversity and inclusion. It is so important that we share and showcase some of the best examples in the Microsoft channel. The Gavriella Schuster IAMCP D&I Awards are an important inspiration for the IAMCP members and a significant recognition to the winners. The awarded companies demonstrated exceptional practices in building inclusive cultures within their organisations and giving back to the wider community.


Congratulations to their leadership for creating an environment that builds diverse teams and a culture that celebrates differences. We would also like to thank all our applicants who shared their D&I practices; it was a difficult choice, and we would like to see all these companies continue their amazing contribution.” Said Elena Baeva, IAMCP EMEA President and IAMCP International Vice President and D&I Chairperson.


The contestants were asked to provide examples of how their leadership implements at least one area covered in Gavriella Schuster’s BeCOME ALLIES framework – Connect, Outreach, Mentor, Empower, Advocate, Listen, Lift, Include, Elevate and Sponsor. Alternatively, they were asked to share:


“As pioneers of change and diversity champions, we are immensely proud to have received this award for the second year. We are passionate about creating an inclusive and innovative workplace for everyone, and our results prove these efforts. Over the last three years, we had a 400% increase in female employees due to our support for working mothers with flexible working models, maternity leaves, and assistance while transitioning back to office life.” Said one of the 2023 winners, Anuja Parikh, CEO of Intech Systems.


In 2022, the winners discussed their inspiring D&I initiatives in video interviews with Sherlaender Phillips (Lani), Microsoft Channel Sales VP and IAMCP D&I Advisory board member. This year, the D&I winners will be able to promote their D&I practices in video fireside chats with Gavriella Schuster.


“We are immensely grateful to Gavriella Schuster for inspiring us to run the awards, helping us select the winners, and dedicating her time to interview them all. This way, we can share their experience and inspire even more companies to become more diverse and inclusive.” Concluded Elena Baeva.





IAMCP is a professional association of Microsoft partners dedicated to helping companies and individuals in the Microsoft ecosystem to broaden their base of business opportunities through partnering with other IAMCP members – both within their communities and around the world. The association is organised in chapters across three main regions: Americas, APAC, EMEA. With +100 chapters in more than 40 countries and over 2,000 members, the IAMCP will mark 30 years of partner success next year.

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